How to Navigate in the Application
In this section you will learn some basics on how to navigate in Oliasoft WellDesign.

Startup View

When entering a project, you will see the following startup view.
There are three main components to be aware of when navigating in Oliasoft WellDesign:
    Global Save Button, Is used to save new information. This button has to be clicked on in order to save new information, i.e. navigating away from the Oliasoft WellDesign webpage without clicking the save button will cause your last inputted data to be deleted.
    Module Menu Button, Is used to expand the module menu which displays the modules and sections to be found in Oliasoft WellDesign.
    Settings Menu Button, Is used to enter user and company settings. These are not linked to a certain project, but are global settings for you as a user.

Module Menu

The Module Menu button expands a menu displaying all the modules and sections to be found in Oliasoft WellDesign. As seen in the figure, the modules are set up chronologically according to industry workflows and indicate typical data results required in subsequent sections. For example, a trajectory design has to be entered prior to adding a casing design.
When entering a section in the application, you will be informed if some data has to be defined prior to performing any work in that section. For example, you will be told to define a well schematic design prior to performing temperature simulations.

Settings Menu

The Settings Menu button expands a menu displaying the following options:
A Switch Company option will be visible for users with access to multiple organizations and allows the user to switch easily between the companies.
Menu Item
Error Models
Here you can view, edit, add and delete error models which can be used in the Anti-Collision Module. Typically, this involves the generation of IPM files.
Rule Sets
Here you can view, edit, add and delete the rule sets which can be used in the Automatic Design section of the Casing/Tubing Design module.
Company Settings
Here you can specify the unit template which is to be used for all users in your organization, if you have the authority to do so.
Switch Company
Lets you switch between companies if you have access to multiple organizations.
User Settings
Here you can edit some default parameters and units used in the application, as well as some appearance features.
Help Centre
Here you can contact us for support, to report a bug or request a feature.
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