Getting Access To Oliasoft Products

Getting Access to Oliasoft

Trial Account

For simple testing and trial activities, you can use the trial account here. You will be given a test user valid for 30 days for testing of Oliasoft WellDesign™, both through the GUI and Oliasoft API. Normally, you will be contacted by our sales people at the end of a trial period to follow up any issues.

Note that Oliasoft is currently performing validation and verification activities with participating oil companies, in order to quality assure all of our engines. We have temporarily paused onboarding of such licenses until completion of the validation program due to capacity, but will open up for new trials at completion.

Current estimate for completion of the validation programmes are Q3 2020

Student Account

Students and personell affiliated with Universities can apply for student licenses here. If you are a professor wishing to give all students in a class access, please contact support. We will grant access to all students who can prove their student status.

Commercial Account

For consultants or companies, please contact our sales office here.

System Requirements

Oliasoft's products are made as pure web-applications, primarily running javascript code and communicating with multiple backends through REST APIs. We therefore recommend using web browsers with decent javascript engines.

Google Chrome is known to be one of the safest browsers, and contains Googles Open Source V8 Javascript engine. All Oliasoft products are made to work perfectly in Google Chrome, but can also run in other browsers deploying these same principles.