Drilling Mechanics

Simulations that ensure operational feasibility and safety.

With increasing complexity and cost of wells as targets are defined in more challenging conditions and depths, the need for engineering design becomes a necessity. The Drilling Mechanics module opens to perform multiple simulations on the drill string design: Torque & Drag, Hydraulics and Surge & Swab.
The Drilling Mechanics module allows you to:
    Define common input data
    Perform torque & drag simulations
    Perform hydraulics simulations
    Perform surge & swab simulations
    Plot & report
In order to perform simulations you need to design a trajectory and define a well schematic with at least two strings. Also a Drill string, defined in the String/BHA module, is needed.
Once your simulations are run, you can compare the results by plotting them against other simulated scenarios.
Our liberated engines in the cloud allow you to run multiple parallel simulations simultaneously and check different scenarios. While you wait for your results, the Well Design app is still available for you to continue working on.
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