Creating a New Well Design

After choosing your company, you will find a list off all existing well design projects. You can click on any design to open it or you can create a new well design project. To create a new project click “Create new Design” on the bottom of the page

After clicking on Create New Design you will enter the project workspace in the Project Settings page. To view the full navigation sidebar with all the pages of the workspace, click the orange arrow at the bottom left corner of the page.

The navigation bar shows the workflow in the application going from top to bottom. The workflow is divided into four categories all with different input menus.

  • General

    • Meta / Project Settings

    • Formation Pressure

    • String / BHA

    • Reservoir

  • Trajectories

    • Trajectory design

    • Trajectories w/casing

  • Casing Design

    • Well schematics

    • Casing Loads

    • Custom Loads

  • Blowout & Kill

    • Blowout

    • Kill

    • Blowout summary


  • The navigation sidebar can be hidden at any time by clicking the orange arrow in the bottom left corner.

  • Do remember to save often by clicking “Save” in the top menu to make sure that your work is not lost.

  • Your company libraries and personal settings can always be found in the top right corner.

Note: In order to complete a Blowout & Kill simulation, you will need to complete the following:

  • General input: Meta/Project settings, Formation pressure, String/BHA, Reservoir

  • Trajectories: Design

  • Casing design: Well schematics

  • Blowout & Kill: Blowout

  • Kill