Casing and Tubing Design

Casing is subjected to different loads during landing, cementing, drilling, and production operations. The most important loads which it must withstand are tensile, burst and collapse loads. Oliasoft's Casing and Tubing Design module supports predefined load cases meeting all regulatory requirements, as well as generic load cases and options for custom loads. External loads and temperature profiles can be chosen for each load case. It also opens to define advanced internal and external pressure profiles, fully integrated with temperature and production simulations.

The Casing and Tubing Design consists of the following modules:

Casing/Tubing Loads
Summary & Charts
Custom Loads
Temperature simulation
Annular Fluid expansion

Any changes or adjustments to influential parameters anywhere in the calculation chain, will trigger automatic recalculation.

The calculations can be integrated with any of the other Olaisoft modules and third party solutions.