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Welcome to Oliasoft Public Docs! Get familiar with Oliasoft Products and their features.

Site Sections

This site is structured into 4 major sections. To jump directly to their respective overview-pages, go to relevant tabs below. Alternatively, navigate through to the relevant page using the left menu.

User Guides
Technical Documentation
Architecture & Tech Stack
API References
User Guides

Oliasoft User Guides contains simple guides for each Oliasoft module.

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation section contains public descriptions and illustrations for Oliasoft calculation engines and simulators. Certain detailed documentation may be invite-only

Architecture & Tech Stack

Contains general descriptions of Oliasoft System Architecture, Security implementations, Cloud Platform and related topic

API References

iContains links and information to Oliasoft API documentation sites, example applications, example integrations with various third party systems etc

General note for Oliasoft Docs

Information contained throughout this site are public and meant to provide information and serve as a foundation for industry discussion.

Certain modules have additional Private Docs for more detailed documentation regarding equations used in various calculation modules. Modules with additional Private Docs are labeled with an info tag like this one.

For access to Private Docs, please send an application to [email protected]

Oliasoft Products


Contents / Features


  • Well Trajectories

  • Anti-Collision

  • Triaxial Casing Design (stress analysis)

  • Torque & Drag

  • Hydraulics

  • Wear Simulations

  • Thermal Simulations

  • Tubing Design

  • Wellhead Growth

  • Annular Fluid Expansion / Annular Pressure Buildup

  • Blowout & Kill

  • Conductor Analysis


  • PVT Simulatons

  • Phase Mapping

  • Water Analysis

Oil Drift

  • Oil Drift Simulations

  • Historical Weather and live weather effects

  • Effect of barriers

Oliasoft APIs

Oliasoft is continuously updating features in its products. Features are mainly prioritised based on user feedback in our feature forums at Oliasoft Community. Certain features may therefore not be fully documented yet. Please contact Oliasoft Support for information on features not yet documented.

Getting Started

Oliasoft has two main access points, our Graphical User Interface (GUI) and our Application Programming Interface (API)

In order to use either one, you will need login credentials. Get one through requesting a trial license here, or speak with the coordinator in your company.

Getting Started with the GUI

Getting started with the GUI component of Oliasoft is very easy. Once you have received your login credentials, login through Oliasoft application login at You can change your designated password when you login.

To learn how to use the various GUI applications, please read any of the following user guides:

The user guides above demonstrates basic user requirements for normal well planning activities. For guides on highly specialised or advanced functions, please search our support forum or ask Oliasoft Community for help.

Getting Started with the API

Get started with Oliasoft API by visiting Oliasoft Developer pages or the API documentation pages below:

Not a developer?

Although a custom Oliasoft integration requires you to either be, or hire, a developer, you have many alternatives. Use some of our open source application examples for inspiration and as a starting point. Links to many examples on Oliasoft Developer pages.

We´re here to help!

  • API Support - We´re always happy to help out with code or any questions you have.

  • API Discussion Board - Join our Mattermost Developer Board to discuss the latest API changes.

  • Examples - Link to many examples on Oliasoft Developer pages

Technical Documentation

See below for pages containing technical documentation for all our features.

We publish methodologies and documentation regarding calculation and simulations in order to invite the industry to an educated discussion. If you are an expert looking to discuss a certain calculation, or if you are a researcher that has published new methodologies, please contact us through Oliasoft Support or our feature request forum.

Oliasoft continuously adds support for improved methodologies and we welcome contact with researchers and contributors in these fields.